Skribit Week (#2)

Thanks to Artie who came in with the most random Skribit suggestion:


I am known in these parts as a big fan of ice cream. And I do mean BIG.

But I’m not nuts about neapolitan.

Primarily, this is due to the fact that I’m not a big fan of strawberry ice cream. I can deal with the neapolitan version because it typically doesn’t have little bits of strawberry included, which I happen to find disgusting. So, I can do the neapolitan…I just choose not to.

This aversion to strawberry does not work well with the secondary issue. Which happens to be my LOVE for chocolate and vanilla ice cream together. Blue Bell’s “Great Divide” flavor is a work of genius. I can creatively and carefully control the chocolate-to-vanilla ratio, thereby ensuring a perfect, tailor-made bite each and every time. As you can see, adding a third flavor into this already almost perfect duo borders on heresy to my delicate taste buds.

If I am going to consume neapolitan ice cream, I prefer to ingest it in a different, better, more enjoyable, form

The Ice Cream Sandwich.

I know it doesn’t make much sense, but for some reason, I find neapolitan better in sandwich form.

These are my thoughts. I’d love to know your take on this triple-flavored treat!



  1. Kandice

    I am in agreement with your conclusion..however my daughter LOVES strawberry so when we have neopolitan I can always count on her to eat just the strawberry leaving the best flavors for me!!!!

  2. Anonymous

    I actually love strawberry and vanilla and don’t care that much for chocolate ice cream. I know, I know it’s unAmerican, but it’s just not my favorite flavor. What I really like is some good banana nut ice cream.Your GiGi makes some pretty good homemade icecream. I bet you like that. I know I do.Have a great day, Todd Wright!Sharon

  3. Artie

    OK, when I was a kid..we didn’t buy real ice cream. We didn’t make enough money to buy that stuff. We bought mellorine. From wikipedia… Mellorine is a lower cost alternative to ice cream, wherein other fats are used instead of butterfat. It can be made out of both animal fat and vegetable fat.Mellorine is produced by freezing, while stirring a pasteurized mix of milk-derived nonfat solids and animal or vegetable fat (or both). Afterwards, it is sweetened with a carbohydrate sweetener and the addition of flavouring ingredients.MMMmmmmm….. anyway. Every once in a while we would get neapolitin mellorine..that’s a mouth full.. and I have to say that because I didn’t know any better I enjoyed this frozen delight. (Mellorine that is) In a way I do not get real excited about neapolitan because when I was young I didn’t like anything but chocolate but it always seemed to me that the chocolate in the neapolitan was very intense. It seemed super chocolaty and super was almost like special dark candy kind of chocolate…so with that I was excited when I saw it in the freezer…it was way better than the chocolate in the chocolate mellorine container.Negative regarding this?.. Dad insisted that we eat all three flavors.. can’t eat all the choc and leave the other two flavors. Must dip across the colors and keep it even.So.. I would eat the strawberry first.. my least favorite.. then the vanilla.. then the awesome chocolaty feast of neapolitan mellorine chocolate.Yeah baby!!As for strawberry now?? I love Blue Bell strawberry for the same reason Todd does NOT like strawberry. I mean it’s like they dump a tub of strawberries in there and mix em up. Love it.I feel the same way Todd does about Blue Bell’s “Great Divide” as I do enjoy a mix of vanilla and choc but then my wife does not have the same philosophy as to why the product was made. She feels it was created for options. I can have chocolate or I can have vanilla… NOOO it’s for the purposeful combination of the two flavors … and should be dipped across the flavors (a la my dad) and not dug out of one side…taking all the chocolate leaving some poor expecting fool with a pile of vanilla on one side of the bucket. You have to love family dynamics..I think we have bought 3 containers of neapolitin ice cream in the near 25 years we have been married. Not something we think about much but for some reason this thing popped in my head when the Skribit was up..kinda like the stay puft marshmallow man in Ghostbusters..

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