Hello, everyone and welcome to the very first Todd Blog Swayze Day.
And entire day dedicated to Patrick Swayze…a movie star, a humanitarian and a darn good dancer.

Let’s just ponder, for a moment, his allure…
For the ladies, he was the man of their dreams in films like Dirty Dancing and Ghost.
For guys, he was beyond cool in Roadhouse and Point Break and that lesser known gem, Next of Kin.

Don’t lie. If there’s a Swayze movie on, most of us are going to sit there and watch it, aren’t we?
So, today, we’re gonna’ honor this guy.
Here’s how.

If you’re on twitter, I’m asking you to dedicate as many “tweets” as possible to Patrick Swayze. Ideally, these tweets would be quotes from his films, but any sort of reference will do. Please end each tweet with the hashtag, #swayzeday.

For Facebook folks, you can do the same w/ your status updates. Although hashtags don’t work w/ Facebook, I’d still encourage some reference to “swayzeday” in the update. Just so the world will know about our movement.

As a third (but just as important) level…you can respond with a comment here on the blog with your favorite Swaze memory.

Like it or not, this guy has created some pretty memorable movie moments for a lot of us.
So, get thinking and pay a little tribute!
Heck, who knows? Maybe our mission will spread worldwide!



  1. Todd Wright

    There are so many great things in this picture.1. Obviously, the hair.2. The lay-down photo op.3. The pink titling.Come on, though…he was the MAN. I don’t think we’ve seen an actor like him since. Name one current actor who can dominate both action and romance movies with the same sort of success.

  2. Robert Conn

    Nobody’s disputing his awesomeness. However that picture tempts me to do so. I prefer the image of him with a blood-soaked shirt and blood-saturated hair from the end of Roadhouse. Oh and don’t forget “Next of Kin”

  3. carol

    My all time favorite movie with Patrick Swazye was “North and South” where he played the dashing young Orrie Main. I’d love for someone to buy me that movie, Todd.

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