Haven’t done one of these in awhile! Even though everybody seems to hate it when I do this type of blog, I thought I might just go ahead and do one for old time’s sake! I’m actually thinking of doing this type of post every day next week. Just to drive my readership even lower. I’m such a rebel.

Alarm woke me up a little after 6:30. Desperately wanted to sleep some more, but Finley heard the alarm and decided it was time to get up. Laid on the couch for a few minutes while my body woke up, then I went in to get Jonah up for school. We’re pretty fortunate that Jonah is a morning kid. I don’t think any 7-year old ever wants to get up for school, but after four or five minutes, Jonah is usually wide awake and ready for the day.

I grabbed a shower while Krist got Jonah dressed and packed up for school. He and I actually left the house a bit earlier than usual, which was nice because I didn’t have to drive like a maniac to get him there on time. After I dropped him off, I stopped by Donut Palace. Don’t judge me.

Now, listen. We’ve all been to a Donut Palace. There are some certain similarities that we all probably understand. I love our local store. I love it even more when the guy is working. Because when his sister (or wife) works, I honestly cannot understand what she’s saying. Most of the time, I think she’s asking where the kids are. Or if I really meant to order 4 cinnamon rolls. Either way, I just chuckle. Usually I leave with an order that’s pretty close to what I requested, so that’s good.

Got home, handed over the donuts, checked email and such and then I didn’t lay back down for a long morning nap. Not me – just thought I’d clarify that.

Then when I woke up I mean after I finished working out, Finley and I watched some of those weird TV shows she likes. (Ni Hao, Kai Lan, Yo Gabba Gabba, etc.) We sang “Wheels On The Bus” and her special renditon of “The Grady Bunch.”

I actually did exercise…popped in a DVD of Battlestar and hit the treadmill for about a half-hour. Worked on my situp challenge…no, I will not divulge my status. Grabbed a shower and got dressed. After a while we headed out to pick up Jonah from school. Once we got Jonah,we headed into town for some Andy’s Frozen Custard, ice cream that’s so good, you willingly pay way too much money for it.

After Andy’s, we went to Target for a few groceries and then took Jonah to soccer practice. Finley and I stayed at home while Jonah got all practiced up. Finley went to be around 7. Jonah finished The Clone Wars on DVD while Kristen did some stuff to get ready for Sunday’s home group. Ate some supper, “played wrestling” with Jonah and threw him in the tub. Normally, he stays up a little bit later than normal on Fridays, but tonight got away from us. After his bath, he was ready for sleep.

After he was down, Kristen went to bed. I hit the treadmill again. (Dedication) Watched some more Battlestar as I ran, showered and hit the sack.


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