Okay, worship folks…let’s do a little survey. Many of us have been ramping up to Easter – saying things like, “After Easter, I’ll get to that.” or “We gotta’ work out that song after Easter!”

Now that a lot of you are recovering from Holy Week worship, I’ve got a question for ya!

What are some songs/videos/other art you’re planning on bringing to worship in the near future?



  1. Johnny!

    I have an Ascension song I want to get just right for Ascension Day and the Sunday following, we’re also going to do Ross’ “Everlasting” for that day as well, and I’m transcribing/practicing tabla to Aradhna’s “Amrit Vani” (worship song in Hindi) for a Pentecost treat–I’m printing the transliterated lyrics and their translation in the bulletin so the congregation can sing in tongues.

  2. Artie

    Yours Forever by Monk & Neagle.. some of the members of my band have fallen in love with that song and we really want to work it up right.

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