Strange Development…

A lot of you have seen Stephen L. Anderson. Anderson is a very conservative pastor in Arizona who’s best-known for his famed “him that pisseth against the wall” video on YouTube.

I saw this come through over at Didn’t realize it was the same guy until I looked at the actual YouTube page.

Check this out and let me know what you think:



  1. Lisa@BlessedwithGrace

    WOW! That is so difficult to believe.But, I have to ask, why not just let them search the car or answer their questions to begin with? I understand we have rights. However, those border guys deal with such bad thugs, they have to be suspicious of everyone. So, when someone starts refusing to do what they ask, I can see why they would react negatively. I agree, however that their reactions were EXTREME.

  2. Michael

    I’m all about standing up for our constitutional rights and the kind of brutality that this guy experienced from the officers is inexcusable, but he should know that they are currently dealing with a drug war on that border that has killed thousands of people over the last couple months. If all you had in your car was tools, just let them search the car.I will say that it is terrible the way he was treated. A lot of it sounded very unnecessary.

  3. Tom McKeand

    Are you kidding me? Are you saying the Bill of Rights means nothing? Are you telling me that the men who fought and died in the Revolutionary War, the Civil War, WWI and WWII did so, so that a tyrannical government can do what ever it wants with out regard to the law? Why are you so willing to let your right to protection from warrantless searches, provided by the 4th amendment, be set a side. what other right are you willing to give up? For what? Security? How secure will you be when troops force there way into your home and confiscate your food or line up people in your community and execute them because of their religion? That’s what happened in Stalin’s Russia and Hitler’s Germany and is going on right now in North Korea. Liberty is what makes America different from the rest of the world, and to many Americans are just blindly giving it away. Not me! I applaud Stephen for standing up. Liberty is not free! Complacency is going to destroy America. WAKE UP!

  4. Paul James

    Hardly sounds like a man of God to me — God is not American, he did not write the Constitution, nor are Americans his chosen people. There will come a time when you can either be a great American or a great Christian, but not both.

  5. Paul James

    When a “preacher” (or anyone else) confides in the constitution instead of God — that is idolatry.As far as “taking a stand” — there are appropriate ways to do so. Slapping a pitbull in the face is just plain dumb.

  6. Johnny!

    He pissethed off against the wall.God wants Christians to be good Americans, and a good American stands up for the Constitution. That is the law of the land which God caused us to live under, and it’s the one He commands us to obey. To the extent this man’s standing up for it was done in a gentle manner, he did the right thing.

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