Job Placement…

We’re starting a new thing called “job placement” here at Todd Blog.
Every now and again, I’ll throw out the name of someone famous. Politician, athlete, historical figure…you get the drift.

Then you comment with a list of things that the individual would be doing if he or she weren’t famous. This is your chance to prove three things.

  1. That you’re funny.
  2. That you have a firm grasp of culture and history.
  3. That Todd Blog is the best dang site on the web for hanging out and being creative.

Before we do this, notice one thing.


That’s right – your job is to make a list. Not just one thing. So, not only do you have to be funny, you have to be funny multiple times.

Scared, yet?

Well, add this to the mix. Next week, I’ll pick a winner for most humorous comment and they’ll receive a full day of online love…Facebook, blog, twitter, the whole deal…I’ll dedicate a whole day to telling the world how awesome you are.

So…who’s the celebrity?





  1. chrismaroon

    1. Faith Hill’s anonymous boy toy2. Crocodile Dundee’s sidekick3. Faith Hill’s anonymous boy toy4. Corn Farmer (EAT SOME CORN!)5. Faith Hill’s anonymous boy toy6. Unfortunately, a democrat politician.7. Faith Hill’s anonymous boy toy8. some drunk dad of a high school football player from Odessa, Texas9. Faith Hill’s anonymous boy toy10. Based on his shirt, anti-PETA spokesman11. Faith Hill’s anonymous boy toy12. He’s an Indian Outlaw13. Faith Hill’s anonymous boy toy14. Victim of the Kingdom15. Faith Hill’s anonymous boy toy16. A dancehall doctor17. Faith Hill’s anonymous boy toy18. Stay at home dad 19. Faith Hill’s anonymous boy toy20. A hip hop artist21. Faith Hill’s anonymous boy toy22. 2nd generation Baseball player23. Faith Hill’s anonymous boy toy24. Louisiana crawfish farmer25. Faith Hill’s anonymous boy toy26. John Simmons look-alike(And if he’s not available for the odd number items, please consider me for the position-Just kidding, of course)

  2. Jason Fullen

    If Tim McGraw were not famous, I believe the following items would fill his resume at some point:1)Bartender2)Truck driver3)plumber4)Roughneck for Halliburton5)new addition to SNL's MacGruber. Sequel called MacGruber, MacGyver and McGraw. They also double as a law firm.6)Assistant to Timothy Geithner, specializing in "stress tests"7)Out of work Avian Flu Removal Specialist. 8)Evangelist9)MacGruff the Crime Dog's sidekick10)Starbucks BaristaFinally, but not least, Ohio State Cornhole Champion, 1999, 2000, 2003, 2006, & 2007! Go Tim!!!

  3. Artie

    1. UPS driver in Jasper Tx2. Honey Truck driver (think A1)3. Refrigerator repairman4. Welder5. Chris’ #86. Jason’s #47. #7 of comment deleted8. Dang..Chris hit Wikipedia too..ah let’s see..Junior College baseball coach.9. Horse Breeder10. Tele-Evangelist (a more specific sub-culture of evangelist parent group).

  4. chrismaroon

    No Artie, unfortunately, I pretty much knew most of this absolutely meaningless trivial stuff. It’s pretty depressing and sad that, of all the important, life-saving, life-changing things that I could potentially retain in this mellon on top of my neck, I remember this kind of stuff. But on the bright side, by retaining this kind of stuff, I don’t get bogged down by more important matters.

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