• Never let anybody tell you that Macs don’t crash. They do. They crash hard, baby.
  • Outside of Dallas, a clerk at McDonald’s accidentally dropped my bag to the floor just before handing it out the window to me. There was this awkward 2-second stare…as if she wanted to ask me if I wanted them to remake my stuff or not.
  • At that same McDonald’s (while waiting on my remade food,) I saw an employee pull in, park and get out with a large package of ground meat. My first thought was, “How messed up to have to buy meat at the store to make burgers.” Then my second thought was, “Wow…they use real meat!”
  • Jonah has decided he wants to start a band. He’s 7. Time to go guitar shopping, gang.
  • Kristen and I still haven’t seen STAR TREK or WOLVERINE. It’s like Jesus doesn’t want us to see these movies or something.
  • My pal Robert Conn graduated from seminary on Friday. Rob…I could not be more proud of you, my man. You’ve worked hard and maintained a healthy marriage and family at the same time. God’s blessing on you and Shelly!
  • Once the whole fix-my-computer thing is complete, I’m considering purchasing a Mac Mini for my office. This would probably be my main “editing” computer so that my laptop wouldn’t be the only location for stuff. The girl at Apple also had some cool ideas for “scratch disk” for video files. I’ll definitely be taking her advice on that. That and the you-better-back-up-your-files-moron.
  • The food show is coming…hopefully John Collier and I will shoot this week and hopefully go live by next week!
  • Somewhere near the end of May, I’ll be headed “in-studio” to track three new Todd Wright tunes. I’m very excited. I’ll try to keep you posted on the process.
  • Jason and Rachel Fullen have a baby. I can’t think of two more qualified and gifted parents. Congrats, you guys! Get that little girl to Texas as soon as possible!!!
  • Mineola gig was good. Romack, Adam, Arlie and Sarah did a fantastic job. My favorite was the slow jam version of “All Because Of Jesus.” Know this, America…Todd Wright Band is the master of the slow jam.
  • I really need to find a way to have the Romacks and Adam Fischer move to Tyler. They’re too cool to live so far away from me.


  1. Jeff

    You haven’t seen Star Trek? You might be the only person in America. Oh, and interesting that your Mac crashed. I have had mine for 2 years with NO problems….but alas, the past few days it is making a “beeping” noise. Not sure what it is, but it is making me nervous.

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