I wonder what that first meeting was like when someone pitched the idea of Dog The Bounty Hunter. I image some executive saying, “Mmmm…giant blonde, poofy hair. Low-cut shirt exposing hulking, tan chest and beer belly. Cigarette smoking, sunglass wearing, friend-of-sinners bounty hunter?” I’m in.

“The Climb” by Miley Cyrus is a fantastic song. Great production, great concept, etc. But I still don’t know why I need to see Miley groping herself in the rain during the last chorus.
You think Dove Award attendees are regretting the standing ovation they gave Carrie Prejean?
Related: Go check out Jon Stewart/Daily Show take on the whole Prejean “controversy.” It’s pretty awesome.
I watched the LOST finale. Dang, man…Sawyer cried. That hits the old heart-strings, right there.

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