Survey…keepin’ it real

Okay…I want the real truth. Nobody trying to be funny. (Alright – you can be funny if you want, but I’d really love the truth.)

How many of you curse?

I’m not talking about “joke cussing” or cursing-in-quotes.

I’m talking about actual, honest use of words that are NSFW.

And if so…how often?
Break it down – in a month, how many bad words do you average?



  1. Chad Ethridge

    The Apostle Paul says “By no means!” four times in the book of Romans (6:2,15; 7:13; 11:1). This strong language could more accurately be interpreted in the modern vernacular as “HELL NO!” So if it’s good enough for the Apostle Paul . . .Personally, I’ve never really intentionally used cursing as part of my vocabulary, but there have been times when it comes out – usually when I’m frustrated.

  2. oldfart

    Yep. Daily and everytime I get behind the wheel. I even feel bad about it sometimes. I’ve even recognized it as a problem, started my 12 step “stop Cussing” program and never really made it past the first step. Do I enjoy it? Depends on the bonehead driver behind, in front, and beside me.

  3. Paul James

    Out loud? I might get 10 in in any given month.In my head and heart — let’s just say it’s not “safe for the whole family”. “For out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks”

  4. alexis

    i do not cuss. there are plenty of other words to use to express frustration or anger and not be offensive. i just dont get why some think its cool or neccesary.

  5. Steve Killam TMTL

    In a Month? Depends on the month. I am no stanger to colorfull language. The positive is that I do not curse as much as I used to, and I curse less than most sailors I know.

  6. Artie

    This was something that was a big problem for me before I became a follower of Christ. My dad was a sailor..WWII Navy and his vocabulary matched it although he never used the F-bomb..I think he used the rest enough to make up for it. I grew up hearing that and being told not to use I didn’t home. Growing up my language was horrible..especially in the locker room or on the ball field. Going in to the freight business as a profession after college just made it worse. The F word was the favorite adjective for everything.Then one of those amazing things happened when I accepted Christ…this language was taken away from me. It wasn’t a struggle, it wasn’t a habit I had to just went away.. amazing..I had two motivations..I wanted to be a proper representative of the kingdom and I didn’t want my kids to hear these words at excuse for accidentally using them if they didn’t hear them at home…but I also had a different heart. That was the biggest reason for the change.So do I still curse? Sure I do.. I’d say the thought goes through my mind once or twice a week depending on how crazy work is..maybe more.How often do they come out of my mouth? Maybe once a month or so…again..depends on how much I I allow work or life to frustrate me.. Just doesn’t seem necessary. I’m much happier that I do not have that monkey on my back. I never want to have that bad habit again..

  7. Robert Conn

    Back in Jr High I was really, really good at cussing. I mean I could string words together like a Shakespearean sonnet. Then I was enlightened by legalism and impotent religion and that was the end of that. I’m slowly recovering though.

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