Friday Five…Awkward Edition

For this week’s edition of “Friday Five,” I’m going to share 5 names. These are five people that I would make very uncomfortable…should I ever meet them.
Meeting The Edge would be weird because I’d probably try way too hard to let the Edge know just “how big” of a fan I am. As if he doesn’t have that conversation enough…then I’d try to talk like some sort of U2 insider and he’d be all “Bye, dude” and then I’d be so ashamed.

Okay. I feel fairly certain that one day – eventually – I’ll get the chance to meet Paul Baloche. It’s only a matter of time, given where I’m living now. This is a tricky one. When I was 14-years old, I desperately wanted to play guitar and lead worship…but I couldn’t. It was at a local church “worship seminar” where I first saw Paul and took a beginner guitar class with him during one of the breakout sessions. That class launched me into worship leading – I learned just a few simple things that set me on the path to learning my instrument and the art of writing and leading worship. It was a big deal..I’d love to tell him thanks.
Which will be hard if I happen to meet in a Starbucks bathroom or something.

I’m by no means one of the Bloggess’ lead stalkers. Just a few scrolls down her page will reveal that there are people much more in love with her than me. But I think the meeting would be awkward because I’d have very little to actualy “say.” (Think Chris Farley interviewing all those celebrities on SNL…”Yeah, that was awesome.”)

Paul Baloche may have set me on the path to worship, but it was Steven Curtis Chapman who delivered me from southern gospel music.
My parents were big southern gospel fans. We listened to a lot of it. And as a kid with some musical talent, any of my musical dreams seemed to land in that genre.
But when I heard the “More To This Life” record, all that changed.
Lots of people have that one artist who awakened them to the power of music of faith being done well…Chapman was mine.
My thanks and respect for this guy is almost too big for words. I think I’d have a hard time expressing that should we ever meet.

The weirdest part of meeting Roland Deschain would be the realization that I’m either dead or somehow transported into the world of nightmares.

So…who are your Friday Five Awkward Meetings?
What sort of fool would you make of yourself?


One comment

  1. Liz

    Hmm….good Friday Five list. Let me see…..1. Will Smith and/or Mario Lopez–my celebrity crushes. It would just be weird & awkward while I giggled like a 13 year old & they smiled awkwardly.2. All the characters of Friends…because I'd be quoting all my favorite episodes while they smiled & nodded and said "yeah, that was great….wow, you really are a big fan aren't you?".Hmm….I can't think of anyone else, but I guess #2 really counts for several people all in one, right?

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