Interview w/ Justin Romack

Interview with Justin Romack, drummer for the TWB, 9:23pm EST.

#1. Are you concerned that owning an iPhone is going to turn you into a jerk?
“Concerned? No. Anticipating? YES.”

#2. You’re one of the most experienced members of the TWB. What has been your guiding philosophy, lo these many years?
“Hold up…wait a minute…put a little Romack in it.”

#3. Is it safe to say that you have a non-sexual crush on Adam Fischer?
“Who doesn’t?”

#4. You’re playing this week with only snare and floor tom. You’re doing a great job. Are you enjoying that setup?
“Mmmmm…yes, I’m enjoying it because there’s less blocking me from being in the spotlight. They can now see my ripped body.”

#5. Favorite song of tonight (Tuesday)?
“Forever Faithful was the jam. I’m not gonna’ lie.”

#6. Thank you, Justin for your time.
Justin did not answer. He immediately began playing with his iphone.


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