Interview w/ Ben Love…

Interview with Ben Love, bass player for the TWB, 9:20pm EST.

#1. Benjamin, congratulations on your new marriage.
“Thank you, very much. I can’t believe it.”

#2. This is the second time you’ve played with TWB. The first gig was horrible…how’s this one turning out?
“Slightly better…because I have new equipment. That’s about it.”

#3. You’re also a founding member of the rock band, Clairmont. Where can folks find Clairmont’s music.
“At or”

#4. Favorite song we’ve played this week?
“Forever Faithful.”

#5. Thoughts on your bandmates?
“Adam’s cute and funny. Romack’s cuter and funnier. Todd’s cutest and funniest.”

#6. Are you concerned at how awkward this interview has turned out?
“Actually, yes. I wouldn’t mind if you would ask me a question about my marriage.”


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