Five Shows You’ll Enjoy

I wish somebody would have pulled me aside before Jonah was born and said something like this:
“You’re about to watch a lot of silly TV, my friend.”

As most parents know…you end up seeing some silly stuff once kids start showing up.
Some of it you hate, some of it you don’t understand,
and some of it – you start to love.

So, for this week’s Friday Five, I’m sharing “Five Kid Shows That You Would Probably Enjoy.”
Feel free to add your own suggestions to the list!

Let’s make a list…
A show about 2 step-brothers who sincerely create massive projects during summer with no thought of financial gain or worldly success?
A sister determined to “bust” her brothers and yet constantly fails?
A great, punk theme song?
If you haven’t watched this show, you’ve gotta’ check it out.
You’re going to love these brothers!

It doesn’t matter if you liked the Madagascar movies or not…somebody at HQ has created a genius show. Your kids will love King Julien, but the covert-op-1940-dialogue-spouting penguins are what wins parents.
This show is ridiculous and zany, complete with some great one-liners that often get missed among all the slapstick stuff on the show. Go ahead and watch it…everybody deserves a little silliness now and then, right?

Everybody loves villains, but these three fumbling bad guys (and their pet, “Doomageddon,”) are so inept at being bad, you actually WANT them to succeed.
Moms and Dads will love “leader” Voltar’s evil quips and maniacal laughs…this guy wants to be bad so badly and it’s great fun watching him fail.

This show has fantastic music, great lead characters and does a great job of balancing the silly stuff with the educational. Supporting characters are done well, too…”Uncle Knit Knots” is a really creative that my kids really dig.
This show will suck you in…you’ll think you’re just casually watching and then somebody will change the channel on you and you’ll scream like an infant.

Say what you will about LOST or NYPD Blue…the dude who thought up AFV is a genius.
You will not find a kid on this planet who dislikes this show.
What’s not to love, parents?
You sit in a living room with your kids and laugh for 44 minutes?
Don’t act like you don’t love it, Moms and Dads.

Okay, parents…
What other kid shows do you secretly (or not-so-secretly) enjoy watching?



  1. Liz

    We love Phineas & Ferb at my house, too. In fact, we like it so much that my blog is kinda-sorta all about it during the summer. Last year, it had just come out & I found myself humming the theme song so often that I was curious about the number of days our summer has. (Remember, the first line of the song "There's 104 days of summer vacation…".) So I posted a video of the theme song & started counting out our days. It was well-received & I had fun counting the days, so I'm doing it again this summer.Anyway, aside from that show, we love Spongebob, Arthur, Martha Speaks, Hannah Montana, The Suite Life of Zack & Cody, Wizards of Waverly Place and several others. Of course, my kids are a little older than yours.

  2. wjcollier3

    apparently, on ghetto cable we do not get any of the channels that your five shows are on with the exception of AFV. i had the opportunity to watch my first episode of phineas and ferb recently. i am still not sure what i watched. it was perhaps the stupidest thing i have seen recently. i do not understand how even a child finds it amusing, much less an adult. i have never even heard of the next three on your list. as for afv, it is very, very tired. they should let it rest. enough hits to the groin already!

  3. wjcollier3

    negative — honesttomato — to-ma-toi was going to list my favorite five kids shows, but i couldn't think of any kids shows i like. at all. i can hardly stand to be in the room when they are on. sorry for being a hater, but i hate them.

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