Kevin Pollak’s Chat Show…

I know, I know…I sound like a broken record, but one of my new favorite weekly things is the very amazing Kevin Pollak Chat Show.

Here’s the premise…every Sunday night, Kevin Pollak live-streams a 2 hour interview with a specific entertainer. Former guests have included Dana Carvey, Kevin Smith, Jason Lee. It’s hosted on UStream and it’s fantastic.

Here a couple of things I love about the show…

  • It’s viral. Until a cover story in a California paper last month, the show was really spreading by word-of-mouth. And that’s by design…Pollak hasn’t sought out sponsors or tried to tie this stuff with any marketing push. During the live broadcasts, Kevin (a big-time twitter fan) fields questions via twitter to put to each of the guests.
  • It’s unedited. Let’s be honest…you’ve probably never seen somebody interviewed for 2 hours straight. For most of us, even our most beloved musicians, writers, and creatives are cut into tiny five or ten minute interview “segments” in almost any setting. This show not only gives these mysterious faces and names ample time to be themselves, it quickly avoids cliche questions and formulaic interviewing. Some might not dig the unedited aspect too much – simply because this a 2-hour show where the interviewer and guest can curse as much as they want. If profanity is a thing for you, just be careful…the show varies from week to week, but there’s always the potential for a pretty “blue” show.
  • It’s tribal. Kevin Pollok is a genius in this aspect. The show contains numerous “games” that Pollak has created. Elements like the “Tweet5” or the “Larry King Game.”
  • Pollak is a great host. Not afraid of the tough questions, able to go w/ his guest in any direction, longtime practitioner of communication styles – Kevin Pollak is made for this show.

In short, this show brings the focus and preparation of Charlie Rose into the world of James Lipton without becoming too artistic for its own good. It’s conversational, funny, intriguing and the coolest thing I’m watching these days. You can check it out (live or archived) at the website or download it from iTunes each week. (Normally posts late Tuesday, early Wednesday.)

If you check it out, I’d love to know what you think.


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