Thursday, 8/13/09

  1. Spending the morning with my family.
  2. Church staff now full supporting and enabling my Big Red addiction.
  3. New song for Sunday coming off strong during Thursday night rehearsal.
  4. Seeing how excited Finley got over “An Extremely Goofy Movie.” That girl LOVES Goofy!
  5. Payroll notification email. Who doesn’t like those, though?
  6. Donuts this morning. Especially since Finley and Jonah didn’t finish theirs. Daddy to the rescue!
  7. Realizing how close I’m getting to finishing a particular book. I’ve loved!
  8. Jason Isham’s portable A/C unit. Yep. The A/C is on the blink again. Thank you, Ishams!
  9. Bethel Bible Church…I am continuously grateful for this church and what God’s doing. May sound cliche, but it ain’t! I seriously love this church!

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