things that will make me ignore you…

10 “sure fire” ways to keep me from following you on twitter:

  1. Have something in your “name” that is spelled incorrectly. Think “luv”…
  2. Have an overly spiritual name.
  3. Follow 26,000 people.
  4. Follow no one.
  5. Post spiritual quotes constantly.
  6. Live tweet during reality tv shows or sports events on television.
  7. Run a lot of apps that post for you. Yeah, I’m looking at you, “runkeeper” fanboys.
  8. Go long stretches of time without talking about me.
  9. Post things like, “Good night, Tweeple.”
  10. Use twitter as your personal, yet public, email.

Tomorrow…9 ways to make me your biggest fan.



  1. Johnny!

    Not all my posts would be considered overtly "spiritual," but I refuse to use twitter to tell people irrelevant minutae. I'm ONLY on it to post provocative thoughts. And to reply to @zanelamprey.

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