9 ways to make me your biggest twitter fan!

Enjoying all the responses that yesterday’s list prompted…you guys got all riled up! (All in good fun, gang. All in good fun.)

I love finding folks on twitter and I get a kick out of referring them to others. So, here are 9 things that make me a huge twitter fan of you all!

  1. Retweet cool stuff from folks you follow. I have come across so many cool things from folks I’ve never even heard of. If something strikes you as cool, share it with us!
  2. Send me somewhere ridiculous. Go ahead. Throw that link up there of some goofy photo site or something funny on YouTube. Chances are, if you think it’s great, the rest of us will, too!
  3. Pictures! Not everybody digs pictures on twitter, but I do. I love seeing stuff from where my twitter pals are. Especially if it’s like a giant plate of nachos or the world’s biggest hamburger. I wanna’ see that!
  4. I really dig folks who use twitter to research stuff w/ polls or work-in-progress surveys. I think it’s a creative use for the service and so far, I’ve seen lots of folks use it to build pretty interesting songs, theories or programs.
  5. Random, vague quotes are always awesome. (The best, in my opinion, would be old 80’s movie quotes!)
  6. Crazy stuff your kids say. I know there are probably a lot of folks who don’t like it, but as a dad, I think it’s awesome to share some of the ridiculous things that come out of our kids’ mouths!
  7. Brag on stuff. I love hearing about records you’re digging, cool things your church is doing or particular “wins” in your personal life.
  8. Be an encourager. I know your positive tweets to folks aren’t necessarily targeted at me, but they do inspire me. I love seeing how so many of you excel at encouraging others. Makes me wanna’ be better at it, myself.
  9. Reference “Red Dawn,” the greatest movie ever made.

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