My Netflix Resolution…

Don’t know how many of you use Netflix to watch movies. We do, though it’s mostly for me and the kids. Kristen not a big stay-up-late and watch movies type of person.

Right now, my Netflix “queue” sits at 46 movies.


About 3/4 of that list is my stuff, the rest is for the kids. I get in trouble because I go to look for one movie and end up adding 17 dvds to the list.

So here’s my Netflix resolution. I will not add any more movies to my cue until I’ve watched the list down to 5. I will not add one stinking thing until I have poured 41 movies into my head.

I’m just ambitious, I guess.



  1. Robert Conn

    If you can do that… AND keep the current order. Meaning no swapping around to see that one movie a little earlier. No adding new Releases as wild cards. If you can do that it will be my treat at Brunos and we'll stop for a Big Red along the way. You'd be on the honor system.

  2. Todd Wright

    How do I allow for the kid movies already in cue? I think I've taken most of them out, but you never know when my kids will need more media placed inside their heads.

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