Movie Review: SON OF RAMBOW

I caught some reviews and internet chatter awhile back about a movie called “Son of Rambow” and immediately added it to my Netflix list. Now that I’m flying through the list, I finally got to this film and figured I’d share my thoughts.

“Son of Rambow” is creative, unpredictable and heartwarming without overreaching. The story follows a relationship formed between a boy from a strict religious family and a wealthy bully with no adult supervision.

The film takes off from young Will Proudfoot’s accidental viewing of “First Blood” and the subsequent adventure once Will and Lee Carter decide to make a war movie all their own.

I’ve seen this movie labeled as an “adult movie, starring kids” and I think that’s fair. The movie is about a lot of things…imagination, death, friendship, social interaction and religion. It’s a great film that will engage you on many emotional levels.

In spite of being an ‘indie’ film, it has great production values. The actors were great and the writer/director has really created something imaginative.


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