Netflix Mission: Review

No, I haven’t given up. In between worship leading, communication work, songwriting, maintaining an awesome family and editing an almost-daily-vlog, I’ve been wading through my movie list. So, here’s another review…although it’s late!

Like Jimmy Stewart? Like murder mysteries? Well, then, stay away from this movie because neither of those things are very good in it.

I was surprised to learn this movie was nominated for 7 Academy Awards when it came out. The writing is awful – bit parts are developed are way too in-depth and key players are stereotypes. I think it would have been better with less back story development and more courtroom drama. Once Stewart and cast get into the actual trial scenes, the movie gets pretty good.

The ending wasn’t great. I was left feeling that it didn’t matter to Stewart’s character what actually happened to and with his clients. Granted, Jimmy Stewart is usually great and, for what it’s worth, his part here was strong, but there was just too much weakness all around him to make it work for me.

Anybody else seen this?
Who agrees with me?
Who thinks I’m a fool who should be kicked in the kneecap?

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