• Album news: I am absolutely in love w/ Pearl Jam’s Backspacer. Conversely, I can’t make it through the new Fee record. Not trying to hate…I just can’t get into it. The Jared Anderson record is awesome, and I hope folks can see past “How He Loves” the abundance of songs that are stronger in my opinion.
  • Communications stuff at Bethel kicked my tail this week. I’m excited, but I’ve got to do a better job of managing communications and worship.
  • Church dudes on Twitter in Tyler are driving me crazy. We’re all re-posting the same junk from the same guys who all reposting the same stuff from the same five people.
  • It’s Friday – my day off from a long hard week. So, why is my wife off having coffee with a friend while I’m at home doing laundry and taking out the trash?
  • I want to make a new rule: no twitter posts during conferences. We don’t have context, gang…those great lines spoken in a conference center of thousands fall flat on twitter. You’re not doing those speakers any service.
  • I’m realizing that this is an amazingly negative list. Better try to pick up the energy here.
  • Nothing’s better than a slightly melted Snickers.

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