• Gmail chatting w/ Missions Pastor while he’s in Africa – cool.
  • You know what Todd and Kristen do when our kids go to bed? Eat candy. For real. Don’t tell them.
  • One downside to having someone give you a phone is that you become obsessed with beating their old high score on the games.
  • I really really want to write some straight-up scripture songs. I’ve been messing with it and let me tell you something – that’s a hard type of song to write.
  • We still have ants in our mail box. I know.
  • Every time I feel really out-of-touch with pop music, I watch Jimmy Kimmel and realize that apparently they just give record deals out now to folks w/ 80’s hair and a synth. The I don’t feel quite so bad.
  • Even though I’m a pretty considerate guy, I am in love with the show, “Scare Tactics.” I shouldn’t enjoy this show. Except it’s totally great.
  • My wife never ceases to amaze me. Her kindness and sincerity this week has been a complete inspiration to me.

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