Review Week (#3)

This week, I’m reviewing an album each day. I’ve recently come across quite a few good projects and I want to spread the word.

You find many other names quite so synonymous with the modern worship movement as Matt Redman.

My appreciation for Redman has always been a bit different. I’ve never loved his recorded works, but I have found them to be powerful songs in a live setting. It’s almost as if I really don’t appreciate a good Matt Redman song until I’ve actually used it in church!

Redman’s new project, We Shall Not Be Shaken, however, is a whole new ball game. This record is fantastic, taking on a pop sheen that I’ve yet to ever see in his discography. The songs are just as strong as ever – “This Is How We Know” is a mid-tempo that is infectious in melody, “Through It All” has a great shuffle a la “Bittersweet Symphony” that comes alive from the first beat. I’m always drawn to the new hymns, so I love the ballad “You Alone Can Rescue.”

This is more than just praise team music; it’s a great balance of things built for congregational worship and musical touches that are creative and challenging. The rock songs are layered expertly and the slower worship tunes highlight Redman’s unique “spontaneous worship” personality in a way that sticks with you.

Highly encourage you to check this one out!


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