Even though I love-love-love Paul’s new version, our team has always done the Lincoln Brewster arrangement. The song went great and locked in better than ever. The verses of this song have always been a little low for me so I had Sarah, my co-leader lead the verses on this one. It ended up giving the song some energy in those verses…I’m betting that the song definitely becomes a co-led number.

We normally schedule the welcome after song #2, but we had a very different service order today. Our post-Thanksgiving ‘greeting’ was for folks to tell each other, “You’ve lost weight.” I thought it a fitting greeting. Get it…fitting?

Second week to do this one. The rhythm of this song is really interesting. Coupled with the delay riff, the song has to land just right on tempo. Ours went okay…I think we’re still figuring out how to find that rhythm all together. For some reason, I really noticed how great this team does in transition. The drop chorus and build came off so strong and the band did a great job.

Baby dedication

We dedicated 2 kids this morning – one in each service. Ross did a great job…always feel for those parents when the kids get so wiggly during dedication! Both families did great.

Third or fourth time to do this one. As the writer, I’m liking that the melody seems to have caught on. I think it’s easy to sing for the crowd and pretty intuitive. Don’t know that I’ve seen it really pop off in a big way, but I think that’s okay. I think writers often struggle with wanting their songs to drop everybody to the floor when they play it and that’s not always (or hardly ever) the case. The concept of writing songs for your specific congregation is cumulative, in my opinion. I’m not looking for a room full of 200 people to weep and wail…but I am praying that over time these original songs would instill in us a good, reverent view of God. I’m okay with Forever Faithful where it is. (Songwriters who can’t learn to be content are no fun to be around.)

Second time to do this one and it went just as great as before. In this specific setting, I really notice more engagement with the verses than before. The last time we played it the chorus and bridge seemed to be the hooks, but today was stronger as a whole. I encourage you worship leaders to try this one out!

We did this Red Mountain Church tune. Sarah led it and it went great. We formed it up a little bit. Red Mountain’s version is pretty spacey and ambient and we tried to meet somewhere in the middle.

Great day!


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