• Guitar tech. You know…a guy who stands off stage and brings guitars to me when I need a different “tone.”
  • An entourage. I really think four to five people flocking me as I approach the stage would make worship a lot better.
  • Wear more rings. Silver would probably be best. It’s just the right amount of gaudy.
  • Trucker caps. I’m not saying I need one every Sunday, but I think a well scheduled trucker cap now and again would really set it off.
  • Microphone tricks. I need to do that thing where the front man grabs his mic stand and holds it out over the crowd so they can be “heard.” Might even add one of those heavy metal moves where I kick the stand down and then pop it back up. Cool.
  • The Sling. You know about the sling, right? It’s that deal where the guy throw his guitar down and back so that it rests on his back like Bruce Springsteen.
  • Less “stress” sweat, more “rock” sweat. There’s a big difference.
  • Income. Better CD sales after each service.

Those aren’t such big changes, right?


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