Friday Fyve

Best YouTube clip of a baby


Certainly the hippest online-time waster in a long while, Incredibox allows you to drag rhythmic elements onto the t-shirts of a vocal group. Yes, it’s fun. And yes, it will distract you. Because that’s what the internet is for. Check it.


We’re all used to digital animation these days – it’s in movies and music videos and tons of primetime commercials. But for me, this sort of thing still surprises. I love the whole composition of this video from the grainy film effect to the music selection.

just vfx test from reanimatr on Vimeo.

Photoshop Is Rad
This is a sneak peek at a new feature that the fine folks at Adobe are working on for upcoming CS5 release. I’m not a Photoshop guy by any stretch, but even I can see this is cool.

Finally got a chance to try out this new place and thought it was really cool. I wish I could say I went with my beloved wife, but in fact, my dinner date was Ross Strader. He’s not that bad of a date, actually. If you can get past all the drinking, that is.

There’s five fun things for Friday. Now it’s your turn…five things you think interesting. Go!


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