Went ahead and took the accountability plunge and told some folks I was gonna’ do this on June 5. And a few of them laughed.

Which is not cool.

So far, responses have varied from “OH-MY-GOSH-YOU’RE-GOING-TO-RUN-A-5K?” to “5K IS SO EASY.” to “WAY TO GO, MAN! PROUD OF YOU!”

That’s always the risk you take, though. Inviting people into a goal forces you to remember them with each step you run.

This was my second run of the “Week 5” schedule. Remember, how I’m such an advanced runner that I thought I could bump it up. Yeah. Not so much with that. The normal run looks like this:


By my third time through the second three-mile run, my legs were done. It’s surprised me that the struggle hasn’t been stamina or solid breathing, but rather my legs. (Don’t know if you know this, but I have very powerful legs.)

I finished, but did a 2.5 min walk / 3 minute run on the last leg. That’s a big more low key than the prescribed dashes, but I’m just trying to finish this stuff! I think I’ll adapt every walk break to 2.5 next time. Maybe I can save some energy for that five minute ending section.

FRIDAY, 5/7/10
I was able to go to the gym with Kristen today, which is always nice. However, I was worried about the treadmill. Unlike real runners, I LOVE running on the treadmill. Especially if the A/C is on and there’s a movie playing. But while treadmill running may build some endurance, it’s not the same as running outside. So, while Krist and Finley were at the gym, I ran my second run on the trail that runs all along Broadway. (Rose Rudman? Tyler Park? I have no clue what this trail is called.)

I did opt for the 2.5 min walk in between each run. Again, the legs played out on me. I ran my last section as a 3 minute, not a 5 minute. Because Kristen was still exercising, I did a bit more walking that normal after the run. It was good cardio, but my legs were feeling pretty stiff by the time I finished. This run was not the improvement I expected. My first 3 & 5 minute runs felt great and went fast, but halfway through, I had to work really hard to keep with the program. I’ve got one more scheduled run during this “week” of training. At first, I thought I’d just hang with this until I could make it work, but I’d like to advance next week and see if I can tell a difference. I’m also thinking that my stretches aren’t good enough. I’m doing some basic stretching, but will try to implement some official “running stretches” on the next run. (Which would be Sunday! Imagine it…running on Sunday!)

MONDAY, 5/10/10
Skipped the Sunday run. (Like that was going to happen.) Krist headed up to the gym so I decided to run the trail behind the gym again. It was a hot day, but I wasn’t gonna’ give in! First off, I could tell that the longer, more specific stretches were working. Kept with the 2.5 minute walk and actually felt pretty good for almost the whole run. This is a victory, let me tell you! Still couldn’t run that last five minute leg, but I kept it at 3 minutes.

This was probably the hottest day running so far, but I don’t think it hindered me – I’m weak enough, thanks. I’d like to try one more day in this week’s regimen, but I’m gonna’ move to next level on Wednesday. Of course, it’s next-level, but if I’m gonna’ be ready by June 5, I gotta’ make headway.


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