Four Things That Go Through My Mind When We Lose Electricity

  1. Did Kristen pay the bill? If she’s blown all of our money on daily Target trips and Twilight memorabilia, I’m going to be ticked.
  2. Is the world ending? In our house, we affectionately anticipate this moment as “when it all goes down.” When we lose power, I usually start loading my M-16 and get the underground bunker ready for habitation.
  3. Can I use this event to justify going out to eat? Who know how long it will last, right? Might as well go eat Mexican food…
  4. Will I be able to edit my vlog? Who are we kidding – you and I both know I already think this non-stop, right?

One comment

  1. Liz

    Dude…I totally pull the eating out thing every time myself! We have all electric appliances, so no power = no cooking. ha ha!

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