Stuff Not To Do When Your Wife Is Sick

Yes, it’s midnight and you’re trying to plug in that old humidifier and the only plug that will put it close enough is behind the huge bedroom dresser which means you’ve got to move a piece of furniture just to make this humidity thing happen. But don’t growl. This is about servanthood and servants don’t growl when asked to do things. At least, good servants don’t.

Yes, you’re tired and have stuff to do in a very limited amount of time. And it may feel very inconvenient to grab another blanket or prepare a meal. However, that doesn’t mean you can sigh. To you, sighing is a great way to release some pressure – a stress release valve, if you will. But to everyone else in the room, it just sounds like you’re extremely frustrated to walk three steps to grab the Aspirin.

Once the wife does go to sleep and the children are properly tended, don’t get frustrated if you can’t make it to the gym or watch that movie you’d been planning on. Even though things might have simmered down, you can’t be very well “on call” if you’re 8 levels into Modern Warfare when somebody needs a refill of water. You may get a break or two, but don’t get made when they don’t happen.

So, you accidentally asked her to get up with the kids when they wake up at 5am. I know you were asleep and had forgotten about the illness, but do all you can to fix that critical mistake in husbandly care.

*My wife is probably one of the best “sick” people you could find. She doesn’t get cranky or mean and she pretty much maintains most of her normal life even when she feels terrible. This is good since I am really quite terrible at caring for her when she’s sick. I’m horrible at serving her, but trying to get better!



  1. Todd Wright

    I'm 1,000% positive that you've handled yourself with much more grace than I have.Guess I need a 'What Would Johnny Do' bracelet for the next time Krist is sick.

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