SATURDAY 8/14/10
I dare say it was a bit cooler Saturday evening when I ran!

I did a 20 minute run and really tried to focus on my speed. Lately, my runs have been slowing way down toward the end, so I tried to run a little 5-min route to see how consistently I could run it.

Speed was actually more consistent than I thought it would be. I also did a longer warm-up walk before hand, so that might have helped me ease into my pace better.

THURSDAY 8/19/10
Six days in between runs? Not cool, Todd. My evenings have been super busy, but I finally got out Thursday night to run some. Did 25 minutes, which was hard after a long break, but I wasn’t gonna’ give up!

Also did longer walking before and after the run, so I think I managed some decent cardio.

I hope to be more consistent next week!


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