MONDAY 8/30/10
Nice rain Monday night made for a nice evening. Did 25 minutes while I listened to my set for Sunday. Really didn’t want to run, but luckily there’s some Lincoln Brewster in this week’s set so that kept me going!

Hesitate to even blog this one because it was so bad. There was some running, some walking, some griping and maybe even a few tears. I’ve had another one of those weeks where I just couldn’t get out there to run. Being busy is good, but I’m obviously regressing because I’m not making time for the running.

FRIDAY 9/3/10
I was in Lufkin Friday night and decided to take advantage of my mom-in-laws very FLAT and measured street.

2 miles.

I don’t think I’ve hit 2 miles since I started this thing, so it felt pretty good. Did my first mile in 11:24 and my second in 10:56. Not a record by any stretch, but it felt great. My route at home is much more hilly, so I’m not quite ready to consider myself a two-miler yet, but Friday night felt good. I’m still waiting for running to feel easier – so far, every run is hard.

But I’m glad I’m sticking with it.

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