SATURDAY, 11/13/10
Daylight Savings is still wreaking havoc with my kids and sending them to sleep at 7pm every night, so I thought,

“Well, I’ll guess I’ll get a little run in.”

Went outside with the intention of just putting in a little bit of exercise. And then my mind got blown.

I don’t know what happened.

Maybe it was the cool weather…maybe it was the fact that I wasn’t stressing.

And then – I ran 35 minutes. And it felt great. By 35, I was tired, but when I finished up, I felt great!

TUESDAY, 11/16/10
36 minutes.

Suck it.

THURSDAY, 11/18/10
Didn’t have much time, but I got out there and put in as much time as I could! Did 25 minutes. It wasn’t as easy as I expected, but I think that’s because for the other two runs I’ve gone 2 days in between instead of one.

Nonetheless, felt pretty good to do it.


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