1/9/11 @ Bethel Bible Church

Kicked off a new series on Genesis called “In The Beginning” today. Included a cool motion graphic that our communication guy found.

Haven’t done this one in awhile. Played a little with the verse – letting the band groove through it while encouraging congregation. Worked nicely. Should have let drummer keep the “break down” consistent after we started singing instead of falling back to four-on-the-floor.

Kinda’ crushing on this Aaron Ivey tune for quite a while. This was our second week to to do it. Not sure it worked as strong in the song 2 spot. Last week, we played it later in the set and seemed to work better with the flow of worship.

ONLY BY GRACE (Scott/Hughes)
Had our two vocalists lead this one. Been awhile since we did this one. Love the lyrics and the mid-tempo groove. Felt pretty good about congregation on this one – seemed that they remembered it enough to join in.

Band did great on this one. Definitely the most “fun” songs I wrote in 2010…still love playing it so much. (It’s okay to love your own songs, right?)

SOLID ROCK(Mote/Bradbury)
Did the Breakaway version of this hymn. The descending piano intro manages to be simple yet memorable. With a hymn like this, there’s guaranteed to be some serious singing! Tim G. did a great job on all the piano stuff.


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