1/23/11 @ Bethel Bible Church

Strong crowds in both services. Good day. Couple of changes in between services and a few flubs, but overall, good song services.

We’ve done this Steve Fee three or four times already, and it always seems to connect. It’s a high one, so I had Sarah do the verses and I took pre-chorus and chorus. From Sunday to Sunday, I never know how well I’m going to be able to hear the crowd, but they jumped right in on this one. We did the intro a bit different – had synth guy play a pass through chorus before we all started building in. (Also used this as our closer…electric and synth were extra smooth!)

We haven’t done this one in awhile, but I think it’s a great statement-of-belief song. While it’s certainly not a “creed” the pure sense, it’s a great declaration song. Band did a great job. Would have liked to let electric and B3 jam more, but we were pressed for time.

I’ve done this song in youth services, but never tried it in main service. It went much better than I though. My keys and electric guys really beefed this one up. From purely a songwriting sense, there’s not much to the song…repetitive choruses, a quick bridge, there’s not a lot there. The band did a great job making this one more substantial. We had a video of Psalm 8 that ran as we played instrumental chorus out. In the first service, we ended right as the video did, but that felt too abrupt. In second service, I dropped back into a chorus with just the acoustic. Folks dug singing it, I think.

One of our hymns that we love! Sarah did a great job on verses here and the band handled it nicely. If you’re not careful, this one can rock too hard, but the rhythm section kept us in check during the build in each verse. We missed a vocal change in first service due to a weird arrangement, so in between services, we simplified the arrangement.

Second week to do this one. Had a violinist play, which was nice. Also had crowd singing on it, which kept it from seeming quite so long. Think it’s a good song, but maybe a big too long to make a consistent part of the set. We shall see!


One comment

  1. Liz

    I think you hit the nail on the head w/ that last song. Beautiful song, LOVED LOVED LOVED the violin, but I think it was a little lengthy & too wordy for me. Not sure what everyone else thought, but that's just my opinion. (Not sure if you want feedback on these or not, though….)

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