2/20/11 @ Bethel Bible Church

We used a click today for fun. It’s in the Avioms so folks could opt out if they wanted to. I had it in my ears and I know the drummer used it. The one we have isn’t very good, so we’ve got a new, more versatile unit on the way this week. There were probably three times during the service where we had to correct to get back on. Drummer admitted afterward that while we stayed on tempo, he did feel like his playing was a little dry because he was so focused on the metronome.

That’ll come with time and I don’t know that we’ll be on a click every Sunday…we’ll see. Here’s what we did.
Pretty standard version of this tune. I love how our piano player grooves on the verses. Piano carried riff and fills and B3 brought most of the power. Good arrangement – came off okay. First song, so not a lot of people in the crowd yet.
Haven’t done this one in awhile. This one was definitely harder to do with a click. The rhythm is so loose and it felt a little too constraining to push that groove into the click track. Kristen and Caroline sounded really good on BGVs…very fun to sing along with ’em!
Third time to do this one. Had Elizabeth double the guitar riff on piano, which filled it out a little bit. This one is really feeling nice – very locked in, lots of power, but leaving lots of space for the lyrics.
Haven’t done this one in forever! The most fun thing was having Tim alternate between B3 on the big parts and cool, spacey synth on the verses. It seemed further solidify the “power ballad” feel of this one – a big song, but not a fast one.
This song almost always goes great but today was something special. I had Tim stay on synth for the first verse. We typically do the first verse way laid back and the four-on-the-floor for the pre-chorus. I really wanted to make Chorus 1 and dramatic drop to just vocals and guitar, but didn’t have time to test it out. Both services were really strong on this one. Heartfelt singing from the congregation made it extra special.

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