1. I had the privilege of baptizing Jonah today. Standing beside him in freezing water, I heard him say to his church, “It’s an honor to be baptized and to have Jesus as my Savior.” With all the faith and knowledge his little nine-year old heart could hold, he went into the water in obedience and came up rejoicing. I keep trying to replay it my mind, wanting to examine every second and revel in it. It was one of the highlights of my life.
  2. I experienced great grace and help from my parents today. My dad crawled around in his ‘church pants’ for most of the afternoon trying to figure out why my car wouldn’t start. When we found the problem, we bought the new part and put it in. No hesitation, no request for payment…just pure kindness.
  3. I sat back as our little life group rediscovered what it means to live as God’s “beloved.” Specifically loved seeing Kristen share from her experience what God’s grace has done.


  1. Bethany D

    Great day, indeed. We were priveliged to be able to be part of Jonah's baptism, albeit indirectly. It touched me to the brink of having a weepy-eyed moment.And Kristen inspired me at LG .. I love her honest insights and she always gives me something new to ponder.:-)

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