SATURDAY, 2/25/11
Did another run on the Galloway method – 3 minute run, 1 minute walk. Did 31 minutes in the neighborhood. Since I never run the same neighborhood route, I don’t track the distance. Galloway went better this go round.

TUESDAY, 3/1/11
Kept up with distance a bit better. Did 31 minutes on Galloway method and did just under 2.5 miles. Not great, but I keep hearing that Galloway gradually improves your speed.
I’m not seeing it yet, but I can logically get there in my mind. I do think that the walk breaks are keeping me consistent on my pace, which is always a good thing.

FRIDAY, 3/4/11
Good run! Felt the whole time like I was slow, but ended up going farther than last time in the same amount of time! First time so far that I’ve seen some speed improvement since starting the run/walk thing last week. However, if the progress kept up at this pace, I’ll be flying in a month!


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