What? I haven’t run until today! Horrible! Terrible! Lazy!

Fully expected to turn in a slower run because it’s been a few days, but Galloway method keeps working. Did 6 times around the neighborhood with a little extra. The one minute walk really does help with speed. I’m surprised however, that it doesn’t really make much of difference on fatigue. I’m not “feeling” any different when I run with this method than just a normal jaunt around the neighborhood. If fact, every time I do it, I’m thinking, “Man, I’m slow today. Not gonna’ make it.” And then, all of sudden, I’m six rounds in and still going!

THURSDAY, 3/10/11
Tried to cram in a run so that I could three this week before Friday is over – immediately remembered why I take a day off between runs. Legs wouldn’t cooperate and I felt pretty blah about the whole fiasco. Did 20 minutes on Galloway system. Everything was pretty normal.

FRIDAY, 3/11/11
Second best “Galloway” run to date. Did 31 minutes. Definitely slowed at the 25 minute mark and the walk breaks did little to prevent my last round from dragging. Had that internal argument about 20 minutes in – “Come on, man! Just run 25 minutes. 25! That’s plenty”

I hate that voice inside my head. He’s hard to shut up.


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