3/20/11 @ Bethel Bible Church

For the past few weeks, we’ve using a “click” track in our rehearsals to help us focus on locking in together on the rhythm. We don’t use the click live, which makes the actual live performance feel loose and fun. This tune worked on every level. Specifically, I thought the groove was especially nice on the verses.

We’ve been doing this Indelible Grace song for a few weeks now and each time feels better and better. Collin did a great job matching the guitar riff with a Rhodes keyboard patch. The key change might not have had quite enough power, but overall it went great.

This is one of my favorite Kathryn Scott songs. Kristen sang the lead on this and she did a great job. I like the back-and-forth melody between the guy and girl parts. I like singing with my wife more than anybody else in the world and this one is a new favorite.

Second week to do this one. Band volume was much better this week which was a bit easier to lead…didn’t feel quite as much like I was riding lightning for the whole song! The crowd was engaged in worship and I think the band did a good job of staying out of the way.

Talk about a 1-2 punch. “Ruin Me” is pretty strong as is and then – BAM – another solid anthem. I love this song because, like most hymns, it presents so much of God’s story in just a few minutes. I think the next time we do it, we’ll adjust the back half a bit. It’s tricky because I don’t want the song to suffer, but I feel like it could be a bit shorter.


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