SATURDAY, 3/26/11
Ran early Friday morning, so I figured a Saturday night time run might be enough of a break for the whole legs. Did 31 minutes and it went okay, but I totally lost track of how many loops around the neighborhood I did.

Not exactly sure how well I did, but if I had to guess, I’d say it was about par for the course. I’m still struggling at the 20 minute mark. That’s when my speed definitely drops. At this point, I’m back on the Galloway schedule for roughly three or four runs. I’m hoping that within the next six or seven, I’ll be making better pace on the back half.

TUESDAY, 3/29/11
40 minutes on Galloway. Ran a shorter route with quicker uphill/downhill turnaround. Don’t know that it made a difference, but the change of scenery was nice. Didn’t stress about distance, just tried to pound the pavement. Nice, cold weather for running!

FRIDAY, 4/1/11
Had hardly any time Friday morning, but did what I could. Did a hard 20-minute run and felt it for sure! Weather was warmer than I expected, so I was nice & sweaty when I got back in the house!


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