SATURDAY, 4/16/11
Usually, my Saturday night runs are done begrudgingly, but this one felt pretty good. About halfway through, I realized that I was going to have to focus and not vomit up the four pounds of Easter candy that I ingested over the weekend. Other than that, it was great!

Definitely slowed down toward the end. 31 minutes was about all the time I had!

MONDAY, 4/18/11
50 minutes total. 10 minutes of walking, 31 minute run and another 10 to cool down. Wish I could have gone to the ROC or the trail in town to mix it up, but I ran really late so I stayed in the neighborhood.
Vowing to run every day this week…we’ll see!

WEDNESDAY, 4/20/11
Didn’t run Tuesday night – church went too late.
But it worked out because I finally got to run somewhere other than my neighborhood on Wednesday morning. Went to the ROC and did 31 minutes. Forgot to measure distance, but I would guess it was 3 miles or so. I had forgotten how much fun it was to run the hilly side of the trail over there. Sheesh. But it was a good workout and a good start to my day.

However, the humidity is killing me. Last spring and summer, I just starting, so I didn’t get all that sweaty. Now that I’m doing a half-hour, my shirt is almost falling off my the time I’m done!

FRIDAY, 4/22/11
Went to the ROC around 11am. Too hot! Did 25 minutes of running, plus some walking. Switched to a longer walk break after about 20 minutes because my legs were screaming!


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