SATURDAY, 4/30/11
Went outside Saturday night and thought, “Oh, heck, I’ll just run non-stop.” That didn’t happen. Ended up being more of a run-a-little/walk-a-little sort of thing. Very humid and hot.

TUESDAY, 5/3/11
Rain on Monday night so I didn’t run, which meant…EXERCISE IN THE MORNING! UGGH!
Instead of sweating myself down with a sad morning run, I did 30 minutes of walking. Felt a bit weird walking into the house and not being drenched! (Our strange fall-like weather helped, too.)

Finally put in a good morning run. Did 31 minutes running with the long walks before and after. I’ve been noticing that I never listen to music anymore when I exercise. I’ve turned into a total podcast junkie. It engages me and occupies my mind
with information that’s fresh and unpredictable and it helps the minutes go quicker.

FRIDAY, 5/6/11
Got out around 9:30. Did 31 minutes in Galloway method. Nice weather. Legs were a bit stiff and I definitely spent most of the run thinking, “Why did I eat so much ice cream an hour ago?” Glad to get the time in. Did a bunch of water intake today, which always helps.


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