TUESDAY, 5/17/11
Took me a couple of days to recuperate, but I finally got out on Tuesday for some exercise. As you well know, morning runs are always shorter due to my schedule…and the fact that running in the sunlight sucks.
Did about 35 minutes total with a little over 20 minutes running. Weather was nice, but I still managed to sweat through a shirt. (In Texas, that’s not that big of an accomplishment.)

WEDNESDAY, 5/18/11
Same sort of regimen. Long walks before and after a twenty minute run. Heck, these little runs are pretty easy, maybe I COULD do one every week!

THURSDAY, 5/19/11
Boom! Consistent! Long walks with the 20 minute run! Definitely feeling the three-days-in-a-row in the old leg muscles, but heck…I might just keep it up!

FRIDAY, 5/20/11
Got out for 27 minutes. It was humid and threatening rain
, but I did it anyway. On the last three minute push, it started sprinkling, but I figured I would make it home in time. I did not. By the time I was cooling down, the downpour had started. While it was refreshing, it made think about the homeless…can you imagine the frustration of being out in a downpour with nowhere to go for shelter?


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