10 Silly Things I’m Thankful For

It’s important to cultivate a life that’s characterized by gratitude.

But being grateful is tricky. There are huge, life-altering, massive things to be thankful for, but there are also small, insignificant markers of joy and blessing in life that might, at times, feel a little “silly” to be thankful for.

But, heck, I’m just going to go ahead and embrace the silly. Why not? It’s my blog, right? That’s why I’m listing ten of these small things that make me thankful to God for the life I have. I bet you’ve got some silly things to be thankful for, too.

10. Rute 202. These are “rod” drumsticks that drummers sometimes use to limit their overall volume. I have come to love these things. (Sorry, Dale & Bruce…drummers at our church!)

9. Cute dental hygienists. Look, I get nervous at the dentist, okay? It helps if the woman scraping my teeth for an hour at 8am is a cutie. My wife knows this and cuts me some slack. You should, too.

8. Queso. Always queso.

7. Early morning cartoons. For when Daddy needs a little extra sleep. (“Here’s the remote, kids. Now don’t bother me for an hour.”)

6. Summer Staff Meeting Schedules. I love the people I work with. I just don’t need to love them every Tuesday.

5. The difference between Twitter & Facebook. Facebook for the general population. Twitter for the people who know how truly dumb I am.

4. Google Reader. How else could I be able to access hundreds of blogs each day?

3. Losing my cell phone. That way I have an actual excuse for ducking calls.

2. Netflix. With as many movies as I’ve seen, Netflix ought to be paying ME.

1. Kelly Clarkson. Obviously.

Your turn. GO.


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