For years, I’ve resisted this idea that a person who lived online needed separation.

A blog for this, tweets that focused on that, dumb videos that was based the other.

But I’m coming around.

In my opinion, I have three distinct online personas.

  1. The worship guy. I loved writing and talking and posting videos about worship. It really is my life. I’ve always just indulged in that when the moment hit me and parked it everywhere I “lived” on the internet.
  2. The family guy. I hope it’s obvious that I’m crazy about my family. I love recording our life on camera and I’m constantly encouraged by how many people like it when I post that sort of stuff.
  3. The aggregator guy. I’m on the internet alot. I find a lot of dumb stuff and I like passing it around.

That’s why I’ve decided to split things up a bit. For the next few months, I’m going to try something different.

Worship related stuff will live here at the blog.

Family stuff will continue to live on YouTube.

The dumb internet stuff will show up via twitter.

I’m not sure how Facebook (or eventually G+) will fit into all of that, but I’m feeling excited about this little separation experiment. Of course, I’m also worried that I’ll bail on it in a week.

As to this blog and the worship related posts, I’m going to try to post a worship-related thing once a week. I normally blog more than that, but writing the worship stuff takes a little more time.

The link will take a day or two to start routing here to this new site (and all the old stuff is archived, too). Not sure if all the RSS business will translate as smoothly, but I hope so.


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