So we’ve talked about how we can slip into an unhealthy relational dynamic with our worship bands. We’ve examined how it looks in the group and the sort of personality traits that provide a more fertile opportunity for tension.

Now, the big question: HOW DO WE FIX IT?

Ever go on a diet and lose weight?
When you did that diet did you instantly lose all craving for things that were bad for you?

No. But you did make decisions about how to treat your body.

If you’re going to move from an abuser to an encourager, you have to decide RIGHT NOW. Not when there’s a band meeting that’s getting out of hand or you’re hacked off ten minutes before the service starts.

It won’t be fun, but when something happens, confess it right then and there. As soon as the discouraging word leaves your mouth or you throw your hands in the air, apologize immediately right there in front of the whole team. (It’s also a good idea to apologize in person as well to those you might have hurt.)

Confessing this sort of thing will open up the conversation wherein you can be honest with your teammates (and siblings in Christ) about your struggles. When’s the last time we did THAT?

You knew that one was coming, right? It’s the predictable suggestion, but let’s face the facts. Worship leading is a weird job because almost every time you do it, something goes wrong. It’s a job of constantly putting out fires while trying to lead well and not be a stressed out freak every Sunday.

You and I have to pray in these situations. If I know I have a tendency to snap at my folks, I have to ask God to help me be watchful of that. I need His power to see it and His Spirit to resist giving in to what my flesh wants to do!

You’ve no doubt seen this phenomenon in your own churches. What are some other good ways to correct it?


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