Last full (teaching) session. Mancini worked through the last of the Vision Frame. One thing I noticed about these sessions is how quickly they seemed to pass. Mancini is a fantastic speaker – after a full day with him, I’m fairly confident that he’s working from a photographic memory. His amazing recall was evident as he listed numerous different church mission statements, philosophies, etc.

We bought a copy of the book and after a full day of classes, I’m excited to read it.

MISSIONAL MEASURES (Circle w/i circle)
“When are we successful?”/ Marks

  1. Types of results: INPUT > OUTPUT > IMPACT
  2. IRO MindsetWe tend to operate on Input Results Only (number of people, financial intake, etc.)
  3. Can your people list three to five bullet points on what a “disciple” looks like.

“Where is God taking us?”/ Mountaintops and Milestones

  1. Time Horizon 1: 90 day
  2. Time Horizon 2: 1 year
  3. Time Horizon 3: 3 year
  4. Time Horizon 4: Beyond the horizon…10, 15 year
  5. Time Horizon 5: Infinite horizon…big idea, metaphor, etc.



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