Session three was a continuation of the “Vision Frame” section from the Church Unique curriculum.

Mancini opened with an example of how we all use the vision frame. He referenced a worship leader who claimed to not understand the vision frame. However, after a few questions and some conversation, it became clear that the worship leader in question was naturally assessing his ministry through a frame without even knowing it. Here’s the session…


The vision frame should be:

  • Clear
  • Concise
  • Compelling
  • Catalytic
  • Contextual

MISSION (Compass)

“What are we doing?”/Mandate

  1. If your vision isn’t carry-able (memorable,) then it’s not worth anything
  2. Mission is Question Zero – if your mission isn’t clear, you’re never going to succeed.
  3. Clarity is all about singularity
  4. “Mission is a compass. Vision is a travel brochure”

“Why are we doing it?” / Motive

  1. Don’t have too many values in your mission. (Stay under 6!)
  2. Values are springboards for daily action. (Values are the shared convictions that guide our actions and reveal our strengths.)
  3. Values are not restating doctrinal statements. Values model the doctrine.
  4. You can justify competing pictures underneath a broad value.

STRATEGY (Flashlight)
“How are we doing it?” / Map

  1. Draw a picture of your strategy
  2. Ask yourself this: “How many weekly ministry engagements does your church expect to communicate vision?”
  3. STRATEGY: More Is More (More than three weekly engagements compete with life space.)
  4. STRATEGY: Less Is More (Two to three than can gradually integrate with every day life space.) Churches operates on some assumption that a person needs __________to fully live out the Christian life.
  5. STRATEGY: To Be Is More (One event in the church dynamic, all the others operate and live within every day life space.)

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