Session One was good. Couple of buzzwords, but lots of thought-provoking stuff. A couple of round table discussion questions and even the snacks are good!

What? You didn’t think I would ignore talking about food, did you? Have we met? Listen, any place that has Diet Dr. Pepper waiting on us when we arrive moves to the TOP of my list, you know what I’m saying?

I was also intrigued by the way Mancini formatted his on screen presentation. It made a lot of sense and represented a different way of communicating ideas. Check it out:

First off, the header bar. Not necessarily ground breaking, but with slight changes to images, highlighting, etc., he’s keeping us up-to-date with minimal information.

Secondly, notice that he’s using an image as the main communication. There’s not a lot of text about locale – there’s a birds eye view of a community.

Thirdly, the slides used small phrases with large font formatting to communicate the big idea. These slides were big, galvanizing images and not necessarily there for communication…they were jumping off points for his talk.

Okay, here’s the stuff he said!

We need a cultural thumbprint as a local church.


Factors to consider when working on clarifying vision.

LOCAL PREDICAMENT – our location/cultural makeup

– our people/patterns of capability

– our passion/what animates your style (if you’re just “meeting needs”, you don’t need a vision.)

  • Clarifying this as your church’s identity does all kinds of good – it helps you decide on where to put ministry emphasis, who to hire, how to utilize volunteers.
  • You can meets lots of needs and have no vision.
  • Don’t think of the Kingdom Concept as “what we do” or “what we don’t do.” Rather, think of it as the portal through which we do ministry.
  • In the Kingdom Concept, focus expands.


The vision frame has lots of features – it’s like the Swiss army knife of clarity

The vision frame gives you information that is both fixed (#1-4) and fluid (#5).

5 Vision Frame questions
1. What are we doing?
2. Why are we doing it?
3. How are we doing it?
4. When are we successful?
5. Where is God taking us?
(*Anything that you’re succeeding at is evidence that you are already answering these questions.)

Be right…but also be CLEAR.


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