Last week, we started a series specifically targeted to part-time worship leaders! In fact, if you didn’t get to read our “perks” post from last Wednesday, go check it out!

The most common obstacle to part-time worship leaders is time. There’s not enough time to do everything. So, today, we’re getting really practical by discussing how to be the best part-time worship leader you can be. Instead of the longer “article” style post, I decided to list 5 quick things that might help you to do an even better job leading worship.

  1. BE THE MOST PREPARED. The people singing, playing and working with you are just as busy as you are. Being the most prepared person on stage is going to put everyone at ease and empower them for greatness.
  2. DO TWO THINGS. Decide what’s the singular most important part of your job. Then add a second thing. (And then fight to keep it at just 2 things.)
  3. HANG OUT WITH YOUR PEOPLE. Don’t underestimate the importance of sharing meals, joking, hanging out. In fact, sometimes you need to ditch rehearsal and just goof off.
  4. JOURNAL. In a notebook, on a blog, on your phone…just find somewhere to document your experience. It will make you a better worship leader.
  5. WORK HARDEST AT FAMILY. Sadly, it’s easy to give your family your left over time. Loving and being with those closest to you are going to require more dedication and care than your day job or your church job. It will require the most of you. But it is so worth it.

Five things. Maybe not the ONLY five things, but I think they’ll help. Thoughts?


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